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Warning Molting may result in extraordinary effects, including:  
excessive increase in size, weight and other bodily masses.  
Consult your local Dragon Lord for further details.
-My first attempt at muscles, including a new shading technique I’m testing
suggestive162277 artist:paladin-drakkenwolf28 derpibooru exclusive31958 smolder9128 spike84591 twilight sparkle322235 alicorn257069 dragon65691 pony1227085 molt down898 abs12897 beefspike427 comic118634 dragoness10642 featureless crotch7682 female1518707 flexing1436 growth6533 heart eyes20774 macro12237 male428489 mare567484 muscle expansion372 muscles14493 overdeveloped muscles1050 pecs1679 shipping220220 sound effects2745 spolder464 spread wings67132 straight151557 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133599 wingboner8780 wingding eyes27541 winged spike9046 wings153425


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Background Pony #E5C5
Is this Discords doing? It feels like Discords doing. Like he wanted to give his friend a “little boost” after his molt.
Background Pony #2E9D
That smirk on Spikes face is really good! It’s like he KNOWS how strong he’s becoming and is loving every second of it!
Background Pony #E5C5
Spike the swole Dragon, when through his puberty! And now he’s… I don’t know how to fit in the rest of the song.
Background Pony #E5C5
Spike “This feels amazing!!!! Twlight look at me!”  
Twlight- “Um… this… THIS CAN’T BE NORMAL!”  
Smolder- “Hey princess, how much pain did Spike endure before his molt?”  
Twlight- “Umm… a lot since we moved to Ponyville why?”  
Smolder- “Well… you see… when a mail dragon finshed molting, his power (and mucscles) grow based on how much pain he endured as a wurm”  
Twlight- “WHAT, but that means…”  
Smolder- “We should run”  
Soike - (Now 16ft, 8in) “Ha, ha, ha that was INTENSE” Looks down at trembling Twlight and swooning Smolder “Wow, did I scare you girls?”  
Twlight- “THIS ISN’T FUNNY MISTER, now, let’s go home so I can find a spell to turn you back to nor~~”  
Smolder~~ “Not gunna work princess, the molt is perminent.”  
Twlight- “PERMINENT!!!!!” but… but”  
“Spike- “REALLY O SWEET” Looks at tree “Time to see how strong I am!” (Lifts entire tree, including roots, over his back with only a small amount of effort) “O yeah Spike like new body, let’s go hone Twlight.”  
Twlight- “I…I…”  
Smolder- “Wow, Spike turned into a HUNK! The best part is that he can still get b8gger!”  
Twlight- “WHAT?!”  
Smolder- “Yeah, if Spike ever experiences a amount of pain that his body can’t handle, he’ll grow so he can handle it! THE POWER OF DRAGONS!”  
Twlight- (passes out)