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You decide to spare the mare. After all she might be useful for some information… and she's kinda cute. Despite the bullet holes.

Plasma: “Well it’s not like she’ll be able to work as a Merc again. Ya know with her legs… and horn. Ouch. I think I’m having sympathy pains.”

Daisy Chain: “What are you talking about? She could definitely work as a merc again! She could get bionic prosthetics! Tons of people get them even when they don’t need them. Oh! I could make her a new pair of legs! Maybe with rocket launchers, a flamethrower, and maybe even a candy dispenser! Yeah, that’d be awesome! Oh, and lets not forget hands. I bet that would be useful, given that her horn is broken.”

The old diamond dog bartender lets out a hearty laugh.

Bartender: ”Ha! Prosthetics. The massive amounts of debt would kill her before the bleeding does. Fine, take her.”

Plasma: ”Thanks gramps!”

Bartender: ”Hold up, I ain't done. As for damages. Since these idiots were bold enough to run and gun my bar, I'd imagine that the punks you guys sent to hell had some nice bounties on their heads. Heck half the population of this star system does. So give me a cut when you're done with talking with that bitch and we're good. We can discuss percentages when you're done. What you do with her after is up to you.
Just take her to the bathroom. I have enough of a mess to clean up and the last thing I need is you brats shouting near my ears.“

_You let Daisy carry the unconscious mare into the bathroom and get her patched up.
While she does that you decide to have a peek at what the other thugs had on them._

_You find:
75 credits
A portable wrist bound holo-pad (complete with a mini-computer and phone add-on )
A modified plasma pistol.
(You don’t quite recognize the mod on it… But, you think you could get it looked at or just use it to find out what it does.)_

You start to take the shotgun next to where the mare had been, but then the bartender stops you and takes it into his paws, giving you a stern glare.

Bartender: “After that stunt son, I think someone else should be holding on to that. Consider it part of the payment and my insurance, for the next bunch of idiots.”

You were already going to off some of the loot as payment so you decide to not argue with the D-dog holding the shotgun.

Once Daisy gets the thug mare to stop bleeding, you both give her some time to get her blood back. Daisy decorates the mare's bandages with some scratch and sniff flower stickers she had on hand.

Plasma: “Uhh, you know she can't use those right? She can't scratch the stickers without hooves.”

Daisy: ”Oh, I know.”
Daisy gives you a mischievous grin before putting more stickers on the mare.

You drop a little cold water on her face to wake her up.

Mare Thug: ”Ugh… What happened? Where am I, w-who are you?”

Plasma: ”Hey, that's my line. Now who are you and why are you hunting Daisy?”

The mare stakes her head weakly to try to collect her composure but the painkiller mix with her injuries keeps her loopy.

Red Dive: ”Ugh, my head. I'm Red Dive. We were hunting the dog ‘cause… ‘cause well, why wouldn't I want to hunt someone with a two hundred thousand credit bounty?”

Plasma: “Two hundred thousand?! Dude what the heck did you do?!”

Daisy: “Uhh, that's a long story. It all started with some attacks that happened. One of the gang leaders sent his grunts to attack me. It was backlash towards my brother trying to clean up the lower wards. He's the head of the Genesis Station militia so naturally it made both of us targets. N-now don't take it the wrong way, It's not like I couldn’t take care of myself. Heck a firefight now and again is a part of mercenary life, but then the gangs started getting bolder. They got all sorts of new weapons, gear, and became too much to handle… then they took my brother Slingshot.”

Plasma: “Did you know anything about this?”

Red Dive: “Why would I know about it, I just… Wait, why can't I fe WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LEGS?!”

Plasma: “Oh yeah… sorry about that. I kinda shot your legs off, but look on the bright side!”


Daisy: “The painkillers are working. Besides I could make you new legs!~!”

Red Dive attempts to throw some toilet paper at Daisy with her magic. As she does though the glow around her horn fades and it starts to bleed slightly. She seems okay physically but you can see the fear and horror on Red’s face when nothing happens.

What do you do?

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