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safe1949082 artist:ryuu171 applejack186524 rainbow dash257413 equestria girls231179 equestria girls series38369 lost and found284 adorasexy11241 anime6575 applejack's hat11610 arm behind head8322 armpits45011 beach18964 beach umbrella614 belly button94275 blue skin253 blushing235289 board shorts111 cap5734 chillaxing167 clothes550988 cowboy hat21482 cowgirl712 crossed legs4079 cute232501 dashabetes10822 duo108027 duo female18897 feet48049 female1582244 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2742 glasses76184 hat106734 jewelry88983 looking at you213000 magical geodes11059 midriff21440 necklace25329 one eye closed39197 pink eyes1115 ponytail22260 relaxing1768 sand3019 sandals5121 scene interpretation9838 sexy36816 shorts16919 sleeping26401 smiling324416 stupid sexy rainbow dash4059 sunglasses18182 sunglasses on head143 swimsuit34350 umbrella3192 wink29225 winking at you2170 zzz2881


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The Dark Pony

I’d like to see one of her swimming next. (She does actually swim, right? What’s the point of having a swimsuit if you won’t go swimming, besides she’s an athlete)
Cool Crow - "Caw!" An awesome tagger
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

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“20% Relaxed in the summer day, forget AJ sleeping on the background! XD”
Rainbow Dash : Ha! I’m really the coolest and cutest gal in this pleasant beach day!