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An unpainted Jojo Reference with Anonfilly using his human self as a fighting spirit.
safe1724728 artist:lockhe4rt392 oc696078 oc:anon11782 oc:filly anon2652 human156487 anime5592 anonymous659 bipedal35247 clothes466306 duo62667 female1379250 filly68008 hat88171 jojo reference129 jojo's bizarre adventure2790 jotaro kujo308 muscles12542 simple background400201 spirit446 stand632 star platinum96 transparent background205128


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Ruwa is best waifu.
"Now you will face my stand, Give you up!" The filly yelled, her stand named after an old Rick Astley song she remember from her shitposting days.
The enormous green humanoid emitted its warcry. "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Punches flew toward Twilight Sparkle's face.
"Taste my shitstorm of fists!" Anonfilly laughed, and then felt pain all over her face. She oppened her eyes and saw a concerned alicorn looking at her.
"You fell out your bed again. What was that 'shitstorm of fists' you kept talking about in your sleep?"
"Oh. Fuck!" She realized she had yet another JoJo dream.