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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1555689 screencap195249 amber grain75 applejack157272 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 berry sweet67 bifröst102 citrine spark315 clever musings127 dawnlighter62 end zone65 fire flicker100 fire quacker315 fluttershy195803 fuchsia frost79 gallus5626 golden crust126 goldy wings63 huckleberry297 lilac swoop36 loganberry93 midnight snack (character)144 night view72 november rain494 ocarina green47 ocellus4386 peppe ronnie26 peppermint goldylinks359 pinkie pie201414 rainbow dash217233 rarity167954 rockhoof965 sandbar4543 silverstream5157 slate sentiments78 smolder6421 spike74218 strawberry scoop193 sugar maple108 summer breeze185 summer meadow138 tune-up49 twilight sparkle279844 violet twirl119 yona4357 alicorn191034 changedling7109 changeling39072 classical hippogriff4361 dragon46603 earth pony190560 griffon24409 hippogriff8099 pegasus232490 pony826799 unicorn257659 yak3740 a rockhoof and a hard place755 background pony8902 background pony audience333 beard3149 bow23606 cloven hooves8688 dragoness6480 facial hair4831 female879955 flying33738 friendship student1351 hair bow12915 hair bun2796 jewelry49083 male299125 mane six29010 mare404348 monkey swings1180 moustache2725 necklace14762 rockhoof's shovel303 stallion90365 student six1400 teenager4213 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113757 winged spike7004


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