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safe (1446373)screencap (178268)amber grain (65)applejack (149561)auburn vision (191)berry blend (317)berry bliss (317)berry sweet (58)bifröst (88)citrine spark (280)clever musings (117)dawnlighter (52)end zone (62)fire flicker (84)fire quacker (280)fluttershy (186142)fuchsia frost (71)gallus (4655)golden crust (88)goldy wings (54)huckleberry (273)lilac swoop (31)loganberry (76)midnight snack (character) (104)night view (61)november rain (415)ocarina green (43)ocellus (3657)peppermint goldylinks (312)peppe ronnie (24)pinkie pie (190943)rainbow dash (205975)rarity (159416)rockhoof (866)sandbar (3932)silverstream (4370)slate sentiments (69)smolder (5243)spike (69486)strawberry scoop (171)sugar maple (97)summer breeze (169)summer meadow (124)tune-up (46)twilight sparkle (263661)violet twirl (91)yona (3786)alicorn (167735)changedling (6034)changeling (33323)classical hippogriff (3911)dragon (39098)earth pony (154235)griffon (21701)hippogriff (6891)pegasus (194070)pony (714018)unicorn (210769)yak (3223)a rockhoof and a hard place (733)background pony (7623)background pony audience (305)beard (2696)bow (19806)cloven hooves (7531)dragoness (5596)facial hair (3981)female (775798)flying (30408)friendship student (1139)hair bow (10646)hair bun (2299)jewelry (40275)male (263261)mane six (26926)mare (345071)monkey swings (1036)moustache (2523)necklace (12561)rockhoof's shovel (293)stallion (75076)student six (1251)teenager (3310)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104146)winged spike (5792)

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