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follow up to this >>1792660
expectant undercover chryssi discovers she’s closer to term than she thought~
gets into a lift, experiences a growth spurt on the way, comes out super swollen and seemingly ready to lay - then finds herself drawing a whole lot of attention she was trying to avoid
she hasn’t got long to get back to the hive, those eggs are already shifting into place~
suggestive167233 artist:goodie-bag82 derpibooru exclusive32829 crackle cosette304 queen chrysalis38320 changeling56460 pony1265115 unicorn419354 the mean 61771 belly34034 big belly15130 blushing230776 camera4481 contractions131 cross-popping veins2133 dialogue76946 disguise5955 disguised changeling3397 egg4676 elevator175 embarrassed13168 female1553155 green blush34 grin49955 hyper13076 hyper pregnancy3059 labor685 nervous6771 nervous grin1470 offscreen character41885 oviposition2331 paint.net290 pregnant14896 queen pregalis79 smiling314939 solo1224482 solo female201482 speech3283 spread legs23673 spreading23882 stuck3196 sweat32047 sweatdrops1399 talking7986 translucent belly74 transparent belly51 trapped1013


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In Treue fest
Pitiful narrow pony doors! Didn’t they plan for a mare with such a plentiful brood?  
Honestly, she ought to lodge a complaint!
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PSA: R0 was changed!
This has taken everything awesome about the previous image, and somehow made it even better!
I love her muttered dialogue~