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"are u comfy. are u hungry. are u too hot. too cold. do u need anything. pls."

just a little doodle, i wasnt gonna upload it on it's own (or at all) but hhhhhhhh im past the point of caring

rainbow is secretly an absolute worrier and a vry protective little bird. when twilight was pregnant (with both bird song AND summer) rainbow was super doting and vry smothering. sometimes, as much as she loves her, twi would just hide out at any of her friend's houses to avoid being asked a million concerned questions…she has had enuf

i also think im gonna stick with the idea that bird song was a happy little accident, which made rainbow even more anxious first time round. bless her little cotton socks, just wants to be a good mama
safe1556947 artist:uunicornicc200 rainbow dash217364 twilight sparkle280022 alicorn191337 pegasus232985 pony828116 beady eyes204 female881206 floppy ears45976 frown21369 leonine tail7091 lesbian91371 looking at each other15838 magical lesbian spawn10428 mare405105 missing cutie mark3823 offspring33664 preglight sparkle194 pregnant12130 shipping181696 simple background338397 spread wings46866 twidash4958 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113861 unamused13386 white background84970 wings72314 worried3340


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