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safe1636826 artist:radspyro12 rarity175718 spike76562 thunderlane3941 dragon51981 pegasus264773 pony901911 unicorn294014 wonderbolts academy1321 cloud28892 comic104538 eyes closed85980 female1302788 hug26698 implied shipping4659 implied sparity356 implied straight5215 jealous1193 male350243 rarilane166


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I agree with spike. I like spike x rarity better than I like thunderlane x rarity
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His color scheme and body language does seem to say 'little rough around the edges with coltish charm about him' and who wouldn't want to feel up that sick 'hawk?

still not gay though

Thunderlane is a colty colt, of course semi-conservative Rarity would be attracted to him and his… coltiness.
Hell if I was a fictional miniature female horse I'd be all over him myself.
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^ Yes! Applespike will have its day come episode 9. Frankly, I like any Rarity ships: Raripants, Sparity, Rarijack, and now Rarilane. However, I do feel Sparity has been overdone. Spike needs a new ship.