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safe1973043 artist:dm291684 apple bloom56427 applejack187894 big macintosh31321 bon bon17829 derpy hooves54032 doctor whooves11441 fluttershy238356 lyra heartstrings32168 pinkie pie238711 princess cadance36753 princess celestia105142 princess luna109307 rainbow dash259512 rarity203272 scootaloo55532 shining armor25883 spike87338 sweetie belle53494 sweetie drops17829 time turner11435 twilight sparkle333107 alicorn274731 earth pony362241 pegasus407397 pony1325142 unicorn447176 bipedal43819 cider2827 clothes559894 cutie mark crusaders20930 female1604862 fluttermac3538 hat109067 ice skating470 male460460 mane seven7353 mane six35341 scarf28593 shipping229930 sled253 snow17296 snowball762 snowball fight400 straight159737 sweater17351 text76189 unicorn twilight26328 winter5639


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With others question how bon-bon balances herself on Lyra heartstring’s horn to the snow pony derpy hooves makes in front of time turner to princess cadence joining in on some flutter-mac shipping. When the few could be complaining about pinkie pie wanting to knock rarity down to the CMC on a tobogan.
Posted Report

Surprised no one pointed out the Changling snow pony Derpy is making, explains the fearful look on Time Turner’s face.

There is also appledash.  
Scootabloom belle.  
Derpy Whooves.  
…shut the fuck up.
Background Pony #C4AB
Awwww…what a cute nice…
>Fluttermac in the background…with Cadence
Welp,pic fucking ruined