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suggestive132520 artist:bbmbbf176 princess cadance31058 princess celestia91133 princess luna95449 twilight velvet3978 anthro239918 comic:an apple's core is always hardcore22 equestria untamed180 absolute cleavage2992 arm behind head5693 armpits41806 big breasts73661 bikini16708 breasts253896 busty princess cadance2877 busty princess celestia9584 busty princess luna6412 busty twilight velvet718 cleavage32208 clothes425469 comic103262 erect nipples9295 female1285080 flirting1364 implied spike697 milf8720 nipple outline6640 one-piece swimsuit4073 palcomix179 sexy26549 stupid sexy celestia1507 stupid sexy princess cadance306 stupid sexy princess luna583 stupid sexy twilight velvet108 swimsuit26193


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Background Pony #CF31
I have to say even twilight's mom look half as fine as the princess's princesses how you say it? you get my point;)~count ziltromon
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Background Pony #062B
I hope that in the next sex fantasies of Spike, Fleur de Lis or Upper Crust would be interesting
Background Pony #7B19
I'd like to see Spike also have sex with either Smolder and Silverstream or Sapphire Shores during this series and stuff.
In a way like how Lightning Dust and Firefly did in Rainbow Dash's game of extreme PDA, and vice versa.