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Mave may be self-centered and lazy, but she's ultimately good at heart and affectionate. Mean Mave is completely and even cruelly selfish, overbearing, controlling, rude, and ambitious. She's obsessed with being seen as the leader of the group and would easily be so if she wasn't so tiny >:D
safe1554809 artist:badumsquish1898 derpibooru exclusive23792 oc593209 oc only403961 oc:mave75 oc:mean mave2 alp-luachra115 original species22702 the mean 61546 clone2228 evil grin3733 female878874 frown21343 grin32168 looking at you140402 messy mane6835 show accurate10071 sitting53747 smiling209678 solo958689


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That'll get her out, but it'll also get her mad so be careful :P

As long as you do what she says :D

Pretty much. She's by far the smartest of the group too but has the whole "surrounded by idiots" thing going on XD
And yeah, here's Mean Tremble who embodies all the gross aspects of a goo creature instead:

@Parallel Black
@Parallel Black

Theoretically he already exists XD

That too, possibly XD


Yep, she can't handle salt :P

She absolutely would :P

She wouldn't do it if you were into it XD
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While these mean versions appear, does that mean there's a mean GMHAA that they flock to?

GMHAA most likely won't be so lucky. Pretty sure there is no clone of him and that all the other evil clones are going to flock towards him no matter where he is. Because that is his life at this point.
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While these mean versions appear, does that mean there's a mean GMHAA that they flock to?

(Definitely sealing both ends rather than risking this version causing gastrointestinal distress.)