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Queen Chrysalis x Queen Celestia — Married
Nova Nightshade

Queen Luna x King Sombra — Married
Neon Nights
Sonder Nighthawk

Dutchess Twilight Sparkle x Lady Starlight Glimmer — Married
Amethyst Althaea
Arctic Gale

Dutchess Mi Amor Cadenza x Duke Shining Armor — Married
Flurry Heart
Morning Star

Dame Pinkamina Diane Pie x Lady Skystar — Married
Pink Promenade
Snow Candy

Dame Applejack x Dame Rarity — Married
Lady Alice

Lord Big MacIntosh x Dame Fluttershy — Married
Wolf River
Carolina Chai
Sugar Bee

Dame Rainbow Dash x Lady Daring Do — Married
Dusty Hooves
Nellie Fly
Desert Sky

Sunset Shimmer x Trixie Lulamoon — Married
Winter Wonder

Derpy Hooves x Doctor Whooves — Married
Dinky Doo

Photo Finish x Royal Pin — Married
Sunset Silk
Blue Buttons
Lapis Lace

Moon Dancer x Star Bright — Married
Cresent Shine

Tree Hugger x Everfree Dryad — Casual Relationship

Maud Pie x Mud Briar — Married
Violet Vivanite
Joss Spice

Octavia x Vinyl Scratch — Married
safe1614270 artist:misskanabelle39 applejack162474 big macintosh27070 daring do6222 derpy hooves48615 dinky hooves4239 doctor whooves10407 fluttershy202864 king sombra13130 photo finish2531 pinkie pie207326 pokey pierce1298 princess cadance31052 princess celestia91127 princess luna95443 princess skystar1844 queen chrysalis33363 rainbow dash223913 rarity173639 shining armor22072 starlight glimmer45583 sunset shimmer58851 time turner10403 trixie63951 twilight sparkle288108 oc626152 oc:amethyst althaea3 oc:arctic gale2 oc:arietta1 oc:blue buttons1 oc:carolina chai5 oc:concordia10 oc:cresent shine3 oc:desert sky1 oc:dusty hooves22 oc:hunter73 oc:joss spice2 oc:juniper28 oc:lady alice1 oc:lapis lace2 oc:lumina35 oc:moondancer23 oc:morpheus19 oc:nellie fly1 oc:neon nights1 oc:nightshade159 oc:pink promenade3 oc:snow candy4 oc:sonder nighthawk2 oc:starburst348 oc:sugar bee5 oc:sundance55 oc:sunset silk1 oc:violet vivanite2 oc:winter wonder4 oc:wisteria26 oc:wolf river2 alicorn205769 bat pony44878 changedling7676 changeling42917 changepony941 classical hippogriff4636 classical unicorn3822 deer4829 diamond dog3244 earth pony215473 hippogriff8779 hybrid16238 pegasus256814 pony881800 reindeer1729 unicorn284695 absurd resolution64251 adopted offspring963 bat pony oc14998 blaze (coat marking)894 braided tail1053 changedling oc471 changeling oc6809 chest fluff34279 chryslestia269 clothes425410 cloven hooves9173 colored hooves5047 colored wings5207 colored wingtips1549 cowboy hat14035 daringdash141 description is relevant752 diamond dog oc244 doctorderpy1456 ear piercing23112 earring18929 ethereal mane6963 family tree311 fangs22784 female1284970 floral head wreath1867 flower23414 flower in hair6949 fluttermac2719 glasses56708 gradient hooves545 hair bun3013 hat79434 hybrid wings256 interspecies offspring6468 jewelry55173 leonine tail7492 lesbian91789 lumbra291 magical lesbian spawn10800 male343343 mare438971 missing accessory7641 multicolored wings2287 neckerchief1636 necktie6559 offspring35327 parent:applejack3483 parent:big macintosh2789 parent:fluttershy4304 parent:king sombra1138 parent:maud pie383 parent:moondancer342 parent:mud briar126 parent:oc:everfree dryad1 parent:octavia melody271 parent:pinkie pie3725 parent:princess cadance1433 parent:princess celestia1935 parent:princess luna2019 parent:princess skystar187 parent:queen chrysalis997 parent:rarity3739 parent:shining armor1243 parent:star bright10 parent:starlight glimmer1232 parent:sunset shimmer1332 parent:tree hugger269 parent:trixie1702 parent:twilight sparkle7658 parent:vinyl scratch380 parents:canon x oc1618 parents:chryslestia93 parents:daringdash30 parents:fluttermac1193 parents:lumbra286 parents:maudbriar100 parents:moonbright3 parents:photopierce2 parents:rarijack362 parents:scratchtavia166 parents:shiningcadance867 parents:skypie109 parents:suntrix62 parents:twistarlight76 photopierce1 piercing36907 rainbow hair2064 rainbow wings491 rarijack6736 scarf21493 shawl262 shiningcadance2461 shipping188175 skirt36980 skypie165 socks (coat marking)1893 stallion97665 starry mane3559 stetson4879 straight127706 straw in mouth902 sunglasses13428 suntrix570 tongue out94865 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118287 twistarlight522 unshorn fetlocks22392 wall of tags2647


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