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safe1709600 artist:sverre93119 princess cadance32512 alicorn225067 pony970635 blushing198172 bow28745 chibi14414 cute200288 cutedance1258 female1365974 filly66977 filly cadance76 hair bow15652 hnnng2435 looking at you169169 looking back57594 looking back at you14786 one eye closed30865 simple background394524 sverre is trying to murder us36 tail bow5599 white background98211 wink24811 young1610 younger17407


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I'm not famous.
She wasn't born with a horn; Celestia gave her one (making her an alicorn) at some unspecified point when she was younger. I didn't read the book, so I'm not sure when, but surely at the young age depicted here, she didn't have a horn yet.