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Now THIS is a sandwich Short Fuse can approve of.
suggestive (116565)artist:toonbat (207)lightning dust (3933)rolling thunder (178)short fuse (123)anthro (206110)pegasus (198819)the washouts (episode) (1013)clothes (366733)condom (2481)darkwing duck (76)descriptive noise (1243)female (787869)forget the condom (42)gasp (796)imminent sex (4416)implied sex (4089)implied threesome (132)lightningfuse (1)male (267788)shipping (168725)spread wings (42132)straight (111992)the washouts (80)this will end in pregnancy (818)thunderfuse (1)towel (2944)towel around waist (28)uniform (7936)washouts uniform (482)wingboner (7395)wings (56077)


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Этого закомплексованного карлика не захочет никто.
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