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safe1636388 artist:sherwoodwhisper383 artist:tjpones3451 spike76546 twilight sparkle291321 alicorn210338 dragon51957 pony901475 derpibooru6981 sparkles! the wonder horse!93 black and white12317 cropped47258 dialogue61861 drool23553 ear fluff26142 female1302416 grayscale36633 gun15319 hoof hold7817 implied shipping4657 implied sparity355 implied straight5213 jewelry56928 juxtaposition4725 juxtaposition win3404 lineart19762 male350128 meme80152 meta16329 monochrome145933 reaction image9329 simple background369670 solo1017834 speech3101 tongue out97001 traditional art113417 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119762 weapon28962


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