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Those cuddles Pterus was promised. He’ll definitely be free from any bad dreams tonight.
safe1972490 artist:silfoe1569 princess luna109290 twilight sparkle333032 oc837094 oc:pterus113 alicorn274635 bat pony64194 pony1324469 royal sketchbook613 adopted offspring1209 bed50102 bed hair300 black and white15425 black background7712 colt17910 doll6350 female1604240 foal29694 grayscale44017 lesbian108527 male460193 mama twilight1134 maternal instinct16 maternaluna127 monochrome163726 mother and son3586 parent:princess luna2823 parent:twilight sparkle9756 parents:twiluna383 shipping229854 silfoe is trying to murder us81 simple background502114 sleeping26757 teddy bear1608 toy23967 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138608 twiluna1631 ursa plush58 wing blanket274


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I’d like to think Luna pokes into pterus’s dreams every night just to make sure he’s having good ones.
And she fights off his nightmares with extreme prejudice.
Background Pony #6255
I’ve heard that it’s toasty warm under a bird wing. Being under a pone wing must be like a natural electric blanket.

HRRRK!!! Going Down!!! Passes out from adorableness.
(Love the messy mane Pterus has. It’s too cute.)
(At first I thought it was mere coincidence, but now I can see you’re intentionally trying to give us adorableness attacks. There should be a tab for it warning us. Alas, I don’t think the site allows those…….. do they?)