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suggestive148372 artist:duop-qoub518 artist:smoldix186 twilight sparkle306060 oc711680 oc:filly anon2737 alicorn232821 earth pony265756 pony1010087 chair7106 chalk563 chalkboard2923 chest fluff41176 collaboration5470 comic strip350 dialogue67947 female1401484 filly69604 gradient background13391 horn77524 implied foalcon1580 open mouth154203 paper3310 pencil3772 raised hoof48411 shoulder fluff1946 sitting65569 subtle as a train wreck260 table9511 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126180 underhoof53793 vulgar21150 writing1223


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Background Pony #52DF
@Background Pony #B2AE
The story behind Anonfilly is she is an adult human male from earth (aka YOU) that ended up in Equestria, and either during the trip or some time after the trip, was transformed into a cute little filly.
Details like how she became a filly are dynamic because the concept of Anonfilly is not static, similarly, her sexuality isn't set in stone either. She is supposed to maintain the knowledge, mindset and maturity of an adult male, as that what makes her such a fun concept. it's not too unreasonable for her to realise her filly body has its benefits, so abusing the fuck out of it and being a huge cock slut isn't terribly uncommon either. Some people do disregard all that and just make her act like a regular cute filly too, sometimes with the idea that the chemical imbalance in her body because of its physical age is conflicting with how she wants to act and think.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
@Prometheus labs CEO
I don't think it always has to be something obvious, we can get creative with it.

In this scenario, Lose a Turn could potentially be a safe space on the wheel, while Bankruptcy could mean shoving a pink slip and an eviction notice inside of her xD .
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
The only options I think the wheel is missing are "Bankruptcy", "Lose a Turn", and "Carnival Cruise".

The cruise could be a pretty open-ended option too. What happens? Does the filly win a free cruise and escape punishment or does HumanAnon attempt the impossible and try to force an entire cruise ship into the filly?

Wheel of Fortune, indeed.