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safe1973603 artist:art-2u498 trixie74740 equestria girls234154 abs13958 armpits45225 biceps1954 breasts343891 busty trixie4831 clothes560101 female1605358 fit709 flexing1629 grand and muscular trixie93 gym1166 muscles15902 muscular female3218 pose7592 shorts17230 solo1269851 sports bra4284 sports shorts1446 sweat33720 weight lifting654 weights963 workout930 workout outfit919


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Even as Trixie was working out when she was to have fears while lifting weights she was to have been leaking when she was to be left with wet active wear shorts. Like one picture of rainbow dash who was to take a wide angle selfie of herself in just a sports bra to show off her toned muscles and six pack along with her shaved clitoris.
Background Pony #2E53
Sigh I really gotta know when will they show some more feet please tell me there will be more. Please?!
Background Pony #2E53
By the way do you really wish to see more human characters showing off their bare feet in the series too?

I would love if the Great and Powerful Trixie with this art would get on a workout top for real. A girl like this would definitely have my attention. I’d have no problem working out if it’s next to her.
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Let’s live it like this!
Ah~ Girl look at that body~  
Ah~ Girl look at that body~  
Ah~ Girl look at that body~  
Ah, ah, I work out!
Background Pony #3FAE
  • great  
  • powerful  
  • does not skip leg day  
  • wears heels at the gym