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Alcohol causes unconsciousness. You mey not be lucky like her.
suggestive128105 artist:pencil bolt460 oc605427 oc only409948 oc:electrony20 oc:radiobel9 earth pony199342 pony846346 unicorn266517 ahegao21669 alcohol6086 binary pen21 bipedal30606 blushing175991 clothes409354 crazy face865 dress39565 drunk4475 faic11338 female899920 male305770 open mouth123216 peegasm108 pissing3475 promingent female41 toilet1469 tuxedo1257 urinal168 urine6064 wetting1101


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Background Pony #21FD
I don't think you have a penis, Radiobel, and I don't think your pee comes out from where you have your hooves.

@Naughtypony2010 i would love to help her with that :P
@Background Pony #AB23 sounds interesting, but it is hard to imagine. I only watched a girl peeing once…

I don't really care much about the question if this is possible or not… this mare is damn cute and sexy for celestias sake! Physics don't apply here ;)

I don't suppose you have ever drank in excess?

Essentially there is a hormone in our body that controls the release of water in our body (ADH). Alcohol is known as a diuretic, essentially it will cause our bodies to release existing water in our bodies which will pass into our urine. Leaving your urine colorless due to how "hydrated" it is (Your body isn't, but your urine is diluted by all of this).
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Sparklecest Connoisseur
This reminds me of a joke:

What is the difference between a chick pea, and a garbanzo bean?

I've never had a garbanzo bean in my mouth.