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This is a Guide to Flashverse!
Twilight x Soarin = Married and has two children
Rainbow dash x Big Mac = Married and has three children
Fluttershy x Thunderlane = Married and has Two children
Applejack x Princeblueblood = Married and has one child
Rarity x Braeburn = Married and has two children
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich = Married and has three children
Starlight glimmer x Sunburst = Married and has one child
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry = Married and has one child
Spitfire x zephyr breeze = Married and has one child
Limestone Pie x Doctor whooves = Married and has two children

I Will make more of my Next gen Guides!
handmade Bases by Saphi-Boo Original by Nazo-no-Akuma
safe1577118 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx29 applejack158967 big macintosh26883 braeburn6105 cheese sandwich3618 doctor whooves10092 flash sentry12102 fluttershy197969 limestone pie4712 pinkie pie203389 prince blueblood3843 rainbow dash219544 rarity169857 soarin'13337 spitfire12793 starlight glimmer43936 sunburst5833 sunset shimmer57709 thunderlane3824 time turner10077 twilight sparkle282948 zephyr breeze2099 alicorn195593 earth pony199609 pegasus240103 pony846938 unicorn266827 beard3229 bluejack66 bust40838 cheesepie1168 cowboy hat13177 doctorlime2 facial hair4992 female900561 flashimmer1840 glasses54994 hat76725 heart43211 horn43512 lineless3486 male305967 mare416205 portrait28607 profile5434 rainbowmac466 rariburn29 shipping184190 simple background346156 soarlight49 spread wings47891 stallion92906 starburst1023 straight121801 thundershy71 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115322 white background87266 wings76324 zephyrfire3


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Great ships. Spitfire/zephyr is a new one but it could be interesting in the right fanfic writer's fingers. Not mine of course but still.