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safe1597326 artist:tjpones3317 applejack161018 earth pony209845 pony867018 applejack's hat5850 black and white12034 breaking the fourth wall801 bronybait2842 capitalism in the comments7 chest fluff33349 comment bait21 communism in the comments22 cowboy hat13749 cute183066 cutie mark42766 dialogue60066 female1270635 freckles25604 grayscale35402 hat78129 howdies in the comments14 howdy138 howdy event horizon1 jackabetes5306 lineart19085 looking at you149304 mare431392 monochrome143623 open mouth127062 silliness in the comments6 simple background353391 sitting56446 solo990230 stetson4856 talking to viewer2202 the ride never ends287 white background88421


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