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Made solely for the fanfiction "Default Dance".
safe1688218 artist:drocsid8 lyra heartstrings29304 pony949939 unicorn315545 3d74128 animated97664 cursed image670 dancing8242 dank memes294 default dance8 female1346268 fortnite133 fortnite dance22 fortnite default dance13 gif30462 mare471985 meme81440 nightmare fuel3718 not salmon2358 pointing3981 shitposting1498 simple background387211 solo1051755 source filmmaker45158 transparent background199757 wat19134 what has science done1630 why2553 wtf2212


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Since I work with pony models in SFM nearly everyday, I'm getting used with broken 3D pony limbs cause that's part of the posing process. Trust me, I've seen far worse.