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diaper model by omochalaroo
suggestive (112884)artist:mrdoctorderpy (298)rainbow dash (203558)butterfly (5491)fish (1894)whale (134)equestria girls (159348)3d (51282)4k (748)abdl (442)animated (84597)baby bottle (564)banner (1651)bed (30920)bedsheets (511)blanket (4034)bottle (2965)box (3594)building (1674)clothes (354898)cutie mark (33836)day (558)diaper (10811)diaper fetish (7828)empty bottles (10)female (758121)fetish (29533)flag (3014)heart (37788)high res (17166)indoors (1478)keep calm (55)lamp (1910)lightning (2479)messing (279)messy diaper (1380)no sound (2369)pacifier (2155)pattern (130)pennant (53)pillow (12754)ponyville (4307)poop (4311)pooping (1336)poster (4332)rainbow (3338)roof (155)scat (3026)shirt (17132)sky (9417)sleeping (19196)solo (874499)source filmmaker (30572)stars (11401)stroller (99)sucking (832)t-shirt (2686)video (597)wall (620)wall of tags (1771)webm (7313)window (5969)

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8 comments posted
windy: wakey wakey stinky dashie! rise and shine!

Rainbow: Yawn!

windy: UH OH! did you have a bad dream cuz your diaper smells!

Rainbow: no mommy, i saw the wonder bolts preform a live performance, and the stunt they pulled off blew my mind away, that i couldn’t contain myself!

windy: im sure you did! come on! (Lift Dashie off the bed) lets get you some baby food and then will get you changed.

Rainbow: (rubbing her diaper) i wuv you mommy!
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Background Pony #5586

Windy-Whistles: (Thinking) Aww, i knew that the laxatives that i put in Rainbow’s warm good night milk would work, she has pooped herself so good & the sleeping pills that i also put in Rainbow’s warm good night milk also works, she is sleeping like a baby. Now let’s push that poop all around her whle diaper area & make her rool over on her back, her reaction will be so very adorable and cute, she will be so scared & shocked that she might cry like the little baby that i wants her to be, allways 24/7.
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