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~Not Dead~

Hi everybody, sorry for the silence, just been super busy with school and drawing, I promise I’ll be more active soon but I just really need to focus on class and my commissions

To my commissioners, I haven’t forgotten you, I’m doing my best to get these out as fast my schedule can allow, thank you for your support and patience.
Anyway, just a few mlp drawings I’ve had, collecting dust…

Fluttershy’s ‘intervention’
Applejack s apple titties
Celestia’s favorite student, for @caroosdungeon
suggestive128293 artist:bronypanda205 apple bloom46608 applejack159009 cheerilee9361 fluttershy198103 pinkie pie203480 princess celestia90116 princess luna94065 rainbow dash219663 rarity169915 scootaloo49222 sweetie belle46715 tree hugger2654 trixie62255 twilight sparkle283048 zecora8791 anthro230971 plantigrade anthro26876 appleshy1179 barefoot24375 blushing176184 cheerishy17 cutie mark crusaders17911 feet34699 feet everywhere14 feet heaven28 feet on face124 female901270 femdom6771 femsub8769 fetish35050 flarity1462 flutterbelle35 flutterbloom22 flutterdash4328 flutterhugger159 flutterlestia69 flutterpie1371 fluttershy gets all the mares31 foot fetish6575 foot focus2170 implied apple bloom176 implied applejack607 implied cheerilee18 implied cmc22 implied pinkie pie634 implied princess celestia590 implied princess luna399 implied rainbow dash877 implied rarity930 implied scootaloo166 implied sweetie belle162 implied tree hugger9 implied trixie269 implied twilight sparkle1650 implied zecora49 lesbian92294 lucky girl36 lunashy274 mane six29480 one eye closed25272 scootashy17 shipping184272 shycora39 submissive13137 trixieshy160 twishy1198


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Y’know, I really wonder what the story for this pic is.

Like, it’s called “Fluttershy’s ‘intervention’”, so I’d imagine quite the potential lore for this