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a beautiful commission for skittlecuddler I just finished! This was super fun to work on and the flowers and leaves were rather challenging, I was originally going with making them much simpler but I felt like it wasn't doing the picture justice and I wanted it to look good so I went totally overboard with it. I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares about leaves after this, but well it paid off, it looks great and the commissioner was super happy with it ♥ Oh yeah don't even bother with dropping OC x canon hate comments under this picture, they won't be tolerated and I'll simply delete them so don't waste your time on that.

The OC belongs to the commissioner, thank you so much for commissioning me!
safe1555658 artist:evomanaphy818 rainbow dash217233 oc593755 oc:skittle274 pegasus232469 semi-anthro10797 bipedal30017 blushing172649 canon x oc21586 clothes401149 dress38936 eyes closed78426 female879991 holding2393 kissing22126 male299114 mare404356 marriage1081 shipping181530 skidash174 spread wings46818 stallion90355 tuxedo1227 wedding1260 wedding dress1536 wedding veil281 wings72020


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Background Pony #3F2F
Neutral looking OC helps too, not a fan of shipping but your oc's cute
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Background Pony #AE0D
This is so beautifully drawn.

Is it just me or has Evo been doing a lot of Dash ships recently?