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safe1947315 artist:uotapo1043 diamond tiara11125 silver spoon7061 vampire4956 equestria girls230944 adorable face1745 adorabullies121 bat ears501 blushing234936 braid7717 choker16977 clothes550098 costume34742 cute232197 cute little fangs2694 diamondbetes562 dress52891 duo107356 duo female18794 fangs32532 female1580424 fingerless gloves5715 frilly dress326 glasses76052 gloves24744 gothic lolita200 hair tie1210 hairband1561 halloween11383 halloween costume2886 hat106557 headband4520 hnnng2604 holding hands3345 looking at you212565 meganekko348 open mouth193350 poofy shoulders98 pose7455 rawr306 silverbetes321 smiling323868 socks80224 standing17527 sweet dreams fuel1862 thigh highs47535 uotapo is trying to murder us182 witch3087 witch hat4399 young1813 zettai ryouiki2088


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Never has there been an injustice so great as the one suffered by Diamond Tiara at the hands of our beloved writers. Completely written off the show as of her redemption, effectively robbing Diamond fans of a chance to see their favorite little rich bitch being a better pony, and not giving any reason for Diamond haters to cease in their hatred. Seeing as how we’ve not been shown any of her good behavior since the last few minutes of Crusaders of the Lost Mark YEARS ago.
I’ve always been a fan of the “introduced as a rich asshole only to later be revealed as a misguided sweetheart” archetype. But that doesn’t really work if you never show the character after the reveal. We can infer that Diamond is a better pony now, but without being shown it, I’m missing out on what could be some of my favorite Diamond Tiara screentime, and people who still despise her, aren’t wrong in doing so despite her redemption.