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Artis's description from DA:

Most (not all) of the variations of Twilight Sky's and Neon Lights' designs, aligned by their debuts in chronological order. To my knowledge there are two or three more unicorn variations that only ever appeared in larger-than-normal crowd scenes, but I didn't do them (lack of cutie marks, color tinting, etc.)

They should be spaced out enough to be selectable without selecting part of another.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Twilight Sky (less known as Ziggy Stardust), Cosmic, and Star Hunter.
Neon Lights (less known and merchandised as Rising Star), Orion (merchandised as Shooting Star…wait what?), and Graphite (merchandised as Dark Moon).

* Twilight Sky appears as an earth pony in two of his three instances in Green Isn't Your Color (Season 1, Episode 17), but a pegasus every other time in every other episode. His blindbag figure is a recolored Big Mac. Vaguely related: I had this commissioned because of it.
* Cosmic appears wingless in Luna Eclipsed (Season 2, Episode 4), but as a pegasus in Rainbow Falls (Season 4, Episode 10) and Pinkie Pride (Season 4, Episode 12) and probably onward.
* The idea of Star Hunter as the ponified Jack Harkness character from Doctor Who is only kept afloat by Whovian brony hype and misidentifying this pony for a much more-known, and also brown, earth pony ^explained here. Since the two brown ponies are not one and the same except maybe at best, by ridiculous and desperate fanon, even by fandom standards, this fanon is derailed, even compared to other fanon in the fandom. Then again, it has hype, bandwaggoning, and that's all that matters, apparently. If you're going to use this character from this deviation in a derivative work and credit the character by the name "Jack" or refer to any character from Doctor Who, please use a different deviation by a different author.
* Neon Lights appears without the clothes that you're used to seeing him wearing when he's in Ponyville (or most non-Canterlot/high society settings). (not solely because he was fired by Vinyl or whatever accessorizing pony fanon you came up for this)
* This is one of three variations of Orion, and the only one that uses this manestyle. Sometimes his eyes have a darker color.
* The "Graphite" name may seem odd as it doesn't seem to match his cutie mark. I assume he was fan-named before his cutie mark was seen and was instead named by his color scheme, and didn't have enough of a fan following to be renamed when his cutie mark was shown. The Enterplay CCG would later name him "Dark Moon".
safe1554862 artist:chainchomp2308 cosmic (character)17 dark moon184 graphite183 neon lights777 orion224 rising star776 shooting star (character)224 star hunter273 twilight sky106 pegasus232230 pony826046 unicorn257125 absurd resolution63662 background pony8881 recolor3911 resource303 simple background337525 the absurdest of res5 transparent background176018 vector71509


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