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safe1691217 artist:theprince60 applejack168646 fluttershy211132 pinkie pie214810 rainbow dash232323 rarity180528 twilight sparkle298305 alicorn221390 earth pony243126 pegasus285944 pony952969 unicorn316989 :o3685 :t3758 ><226 alternate hairstyle27781 annoyed5421 apple16056 armband856 bread1399 clothes454112 confused4695 donut1989 eclair105 eyes closed91807 fainting couch921 featured image867 female1349173 food69154 forest10065 frog (hoof)12618 frown22595 glare8206 hoof hold8224 in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity128 levitation11966 lidded eyes30167 looking up16230 magic72484 mane six31710 mare473456 muffin6396 nature967 on side6652 open mouth142749 picnic1329 picnic blanket917 pinkie being pinkie1249 pinkie physics438 ponytail17628 raised eyebrow6521 rarity is not amused435 scared10350 scarf23053 short mane879 signature23889 smiling243982 splashing286 sunglasses14237 surprised9141 telekinesis27342 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122766 unamused15972 underhoof51384 upside down5483 wall of tags2971 wide eyes16919 worried3878 xd164


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Background Pony #9DF2
Fantastic shading, wonderful detail, but the faces are really bad. Really bad.