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safe1707188 artist:theprince63 applejack169975 fluttershy212735 pinkie pie216273 rainbow dash234024 rarity181911 twilight sparkle300417 alicorn224566 earth pony249028 pegasus292108 pony968356 unicorn323727 :o3751 :t3785 ><232 alternate hairstyle28116 annoyed5469 apple16242 armband858 bread1441 clothes459900 confused4757 donut2026 eclair107 eyes closed93620 fainting couch935 featured image878 female1363812 food70155 forest10183 frog (hoof)12970 frown22907 glare8234 hoof hold8312 in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity134 levitation12124 lidded eyes30724 looking up16487 magic73301 mane six31912 mare481001 muffin6431 nature986 on side6705 open mouth145973 picnic1343 picnic blanket931 pinkie being pinkie1281 pinkie physics446 ponytail17907 raised eyebrow6572 rarity is not amused452 scared10448 scarf23262 short mane912 signature24816 smiling248683 splashing296 sunglasses14481 surprised9275 telekinesis27745 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123686 unamused16240 underhoof52113 upside down5559 wall of tags3077 wide eyes17051 worried3930 xd165


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Background Pony #9DF2
Fantastic shading, wonderful detail, but the faces are really bad. Really bad.