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Humiliated and defeated his motionless body lays on the water surface. Clouded by blind emotions, Fluttershy runs out to him, ignoring the danger, her frail body will be exposed to, out on the open water. But all reasons has long left her, her only concern was him.  
With every step, she felt something inside of her was growing, almost struggling to break free. Something she was not even sure of it’s existence, but always felt resting, waiting for the right moment to rupture, for a small fracture in it’s cage to appear.  
When she finally reach Discord and his vulnerable state reflects in her eye’s.
It finally snaps.
Her pupil turns to a shade of ruby as to mirror the rage manifesting inside of her small body. Tears escaping, her now blood shoot pupils. Her golden feathers, molts from her wings only to reveal the wings of a bat underneath, as her feathers get’s carried of by the wind. Fangs ready to draw blood, grows out of her mouth in painful fashion, now prepared for battle.  
Her small frame act as a poor shield, at covering his wounded serpent like body from the danger that lies ahead. But all that matter was, she was there now, and she would not let anymore harm be done upon the one she love.

Hope you enjoyed my pathetic attempt at short fanfic
Finally Done!  
I’ve never been a fan of how Fluttreshy always gets portrayed as submissive, in a relationship but never as an equal. This is a pattern I see, occur a lot in Fluttershy ships. Fluttreshy is always too weak and need her partner to protect her at all costs, you rarely see this play out the other way around.  
But in reality, if anything were to happen to her loved ones, she wouldn’t hide and cry, she would be ’‘Imma cut a B*tch, how dare you hurt the one I love’’  
This is kinda how the core idea for this drawing started out.
It’s was a fun challenge, drawing a darker piece.  
I was playing around with the idea of Fluttershy, having her vampire powers awaken within her, if her loved ones were to be mortally wounded.  
Initially I was going to add a monster shadow on them to add further drama, but the image got too cluster, so I skipped it. But I’m still pretty content with how it turned out.
safe1973141 artist:thecuriousfool63 discord34847 fluttershy238362 bat pony64239 draconequus17026 pegasus407429 pony1325233 angry32674 badass3547 broken horn15163 crying50494 description111 description is relevant996 discobat25 discoshy3343 fangs33292 female1604939 flutterbadass847 flutterbat7764 flutterrage574 fury55 heterochromia7491 horn117519 implied blood38 male460480 mama bear124 mare619245 mud2988 offscreen character44020 role reversal1602 shipping229939 spread wings75582 story included11343 straight159742 tattered wings44 tears of pain1439 tears of rage54 this will end in death3085 this will end in pain2367 this will end in tears and/or death2526 transformation13699 wings175458 yandere1009 yandereshy94


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Background Pony #4462
Honestly, it’s better this way. At least he won’t betray her now that he’s dead.
Background Pony #43C1
@Background Pony #90B5  
From her position I’d say she’s trying to shield him from something with her body.
From her face, I’d say she’s going to put that something in a deeper hole than it put Discord in.