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Another artwork I edited. I just did it for fun, I hope you like it.
Original by Sunibee:  
suggestive170120 artist:sunibee521 edit154406 editor:calena15 starlight glimmer54696 trixie73954 twilight sparkle330018 alicorn269669 pony1295240 unicorn433580 absurd resolution70694 blushing234656 duo focus1390 eyes closed117997 eyeshadow21884 female1578850 french kiss2525 jealous1359 kiss on the lips1617 kissing28338 lesbian107570 lipstick13799 makeup30009 mare603710 shipping227142 shocked8727 startrix3388 surprise kiss969 sweat32866 twilight bushel74 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137285


not provided yet


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