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suggestive167205 alternate version64214 artist:nexcoyotlgt552 princess luna107225 alicorn264054 anthro304155 arm behind back7324 beautiful6571 blushing230739 breasts328806 busty princess luna8225 clothes539686 female1552870 hand behind back201 heart eyes21607 implied bottomless36 mare587170 smiling314886 solo1224285 solo female201450 stupid sexy princess luna845 wingding eyes28705


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Give me tacos
I don’t use Photoshop, I use SAI, the brush for the Shades I use is the pen, blur and Air brush. But mostly I use the eraser with other config to make shades.

Hey, I gotta ask. If you use photoshop to make pieces like this, what brush do you use to shade?And do you use other tools as well (not including erasers)?
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Ave, Regina coeli, stella ad noctem,  
Dux ad errantium hic deorsum,  
Vitae foras mittetur in fluctu tam litora, ut dici curam tuam,  
Et ex periculum, salva nos ab igne.  
Pulchritudo lunae, pulchritudinem coeli,  
Ora pro vestra, orate pro ego.