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A vector I did in Inkscape. Jesus, just when I thought she couldn’t look any more nerdier in the Rayman hoodie- GLASSES. She looks so nerdy, it hurts.
Also, I have glasses now! Well, I’ve been having them for about a week now- but y’all get my jist.
Also because why not, Binks without the hoodie because she’s a zoner-poner hybrid.  
safe1921653 artist:binkyt11992 oc811027 oc only598648 oc:binky96 earth pony339512 hybrid24956 pony1268997 zony1339 2019 community collab809 derpibooru community collaboration4661 .svg available9322 body markings608 clothes540907 female1556675 freckles34861 glasses74715 hoodie17213 inkscape2179 mare589361 nerd1076 ponytail21848 rayman196 scrunchie441 simple background481395 solo1227288 svg4190 transparent background239534 unshorn fetlocks34076 vector82822


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Sleep isn't real.
I don’t know why I never saw this beeforr, buy thank you! I’m happy on how these original vectors are coming out. ^^; And thanks, I’m trying to get used drawing her with glasses.