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I'm not famous.
Is Sunset laughing at Luna’s verbosity? “The toilings of this nefarious enchantment could portend unimaginable catastrophe if left unchecked.”
Background Pony #D59E
Yeah, I was trying to upload it on 4chan, but couldn’t shrink it below 3 MB, so decided to upload it here instead. And 4chan doesn’t operate .webms with sound, so I removed it from the start.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

You know, Sunset Shimmer never met pony Luna before. Sunset was banished/escaped from Equestria to the human world before Nightmare Moon’s return. Assuming she never drew the same connection between Princess Luna/The Mare in the Moon/Nightmare Moon that Twilight Sparkle did, she’d have no idea who this pony is, other than she looks like a pony version of her assistant high school principal.