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With the secrets of the “Big Butt” spell finally unlocked, and the mares of Equestria enamored by their expanded posteriors, some savvy business ponies have found ways of capitalizing on the “booty-mania.”

One such pony was Mr. Filthy Rich, owner and operator of Rich’s Barnyard Bargains, as well as it’s new sister company, Barnyard Booties, a butt-expansion service which has attracted mares from far and wide.

“The secret to our success lies in our innovative business model.” says Mr. Rich, “Backside reduction is absolutely free, which encourages mares to explore our larger, more expensive packages without fear of going too big… if such a thing is even possible!”

With the continued success of establishments like Barnyard Booties, and no end to the booty craze in sight, it seems that expanding bottoms is a great way of expanding your bottom line.
suggestive125924 artist:ithinkitsdivine65 amethyst star2243 daisy2195 derpy hooves47889 filthy rich1059 flower wishes2061 junebug331 lily1755 lily valley1755 roseluck4613 sparkler2093 absurd resolution63626 butt expansion944 carpet768 flower trio514 growth4859 huge ass7700 impossibly large ass6085 large ass12178 looking back47892 magic64341 magic aura2732 plot70388 ponyville4905 sign3598 story included7533


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Background Pony #AF5E
Are butts the boobs of pony? Or are only earth ponies well endowed so the others will want to get a "fair" share too? Would a mare also want to grow her boobs?
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