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I've been suffering from a most diabolical cold lately that's had me flat on my face for days…and yet, praise the Moon and all her cheese, I somehow got my Thanksgiving pic done well before the day itself!

It's holiday dinner time at the Hooves-Twistimane residence and the gang's all here! From left to right clockwise we have Troubleshoes (Babs's dad), Sweet Pepper (Babs and Twist's daughter), Babs, Twist, Candy Stripe (Babs and Twist's son), Derpy, Trissie, Dinky, Pip, Prettydig (Dinky and Pip's son) and Forever Stamp (Derpy and Trissie's son). Enjoy the bounty, good pony family!

Trissie belongs to Derpy and jeremy3

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust

PS: For those who may not have gotten the rice paper-thin reference, this pic is a riff on Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want". Google it, it's a nice painting.
safe1577807 artist:kaemantis754 babs seed5632 derpy hooves48284 dinky hooves4259 pipsqueak2706 twist2798 oc606281 oc:candy stripe3 oc:forever stamp6 oc:prettydig4 oc:sweet pepper15 oc:trissie65 anthro230940 babstwist92 baby9022 baby pony6146 canon x oc22076 clothes409890 dinkysqueak89 family4021 female901188 fine art parody486 food60997 freedom from want4 holiday15809 lesbian92287 magical lesbian spawn10771 male306209 muffin6173 norman rockwell13 offspring34501 older23070 parent:babs seed108 parent:dinky hooves22 parent:pipsqueak240 parent:troubleshoes clyde330 parent:twist120 parents:babstwist49 parents:dinkysqueak14 salt shaker54 shipping184258 straight121878 suit5128 thanksgiving379


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I had to google the Normie version

That explains why everyone's bent over the table! … except it doesn't explain why they're doing it in the Rockwell painting. Huh.