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Simply shaded commission. :) Characters are those of thewhitestponyyouknow and thegreyweatherponu.
safe1552037 artist:blitzpony10 oc591918 oc only403370 pegasus231584 pony824162 unicorn255877 boop6753 bowtie8376 chest fluff31382 clothes399567 commission49616 dress38797 ear fluff22420 eyes closed77913 female875219 holding hooves1370 horn jewelry500 horn ring4941 jewelry48789 leg fluff2355 male298132 mare402934 nose wrinkle2796 noseboop2538 raised hoof37774 smiling209056 spread wings46626 stallion90045 suit4985 wedding dress1527 wing jewelry79 wing ring24 wings71440


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