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safe1861961 artist:femujoshi5 sci-twi27338 sunset shimmer68885 twilight sparkle319997 fish2999 goldfish93 equestria girls222411 equestria girls series37249 rollercoaster of friendship3205 balloon11009 blushing221873 busty sunset shimmer6324 cotton candy713 cuddling9120 cute220396 duo90591 eyes closed109157 female1501568 geode of empathy3475 geode of telekinesis3359 happy35174 heart54899 lesbian103799 magical geodes10693 scitwishimmer2407 shimmerbetes4692 shipping218320 simple background455885 sunsetsparkle4592 teddy bear1515 twiabetes13057


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Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer : singing Raise this barn, raise this barn! 1, 2, 3, 4! laughs Carnival! Toys! Hangouts! It’s fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
Rarity : looks at Sci-Twi and Sunset with binoculars inside the driver’s seat of her white Mercedes-Benz C-Class parked from a long distance in the carnival parking lot Now, would you look at that, that’s a lot of stuff in there, Sunset and Twilight, well, just look at you two, hanging out together just like that, very lovely. talks to a Plushie Sci-Twi and a Plushie Sunset Shimmer on the front passenger seat next to her Awwwwwww, can you believe that? You two are so cute in that date, maybe the next one might be more better, don’t worry, me and my friends still watching you, as long as it’s perfect, darling!