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I was telling myself and others a couple of days ago that I need some Christmas art of my bat pony form now, and it wasn't long after that that I remembered I had this base saved. I didn't really get to working on the image itself until earlier today (it was November 29th in the middle of the afternoon when I started, then I took a nap and got back to it at night time), but either way, I'm delighted with how it turned out!
safe (1505437) artist:fortheluvofapplejack (1) oc (569003) oc only (387174) oc:prophetic prose (7) bat pony (39455) pony (782315) bat pony oc (12011) choker (8090) christmas (11786) clothes (383381) female (829915) folded wings (3656) hat (70930) holiday (15152) mare (377275) prone (21763) santa hat (5363) socks (53100) solo (927489) striped socks (18003) wings (61863)


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