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Here is a cropped version of my contribution to the charity art book My Little Sweetheart: The Finale! It’s principal Celestia, or if you’d rather, principal Celena Solomon from Starswirl Academy.
suggestive165152 artist:jay156175 princess celestia102348 principal celestia3972 human186060 art pack:my little sweetheart212 art pack:my little sweetheart: the finale11 equestria girls226117 alternate hairstyle32001 belly33480 belly button91205 bra18335 breasts324105 busty princess celestia11700 chair9489 clothes533225 computer6958 day2259 desk3770 eyelashes20076 female1536419 frilly underwear4637 hair2254 humanized107172 jewelry83974 keyboard1344 looking at you203530 multicolored hair8039 my little sweetheart194 open clothes3078 pants17703 praise the sun2198 purple eyes3656 red underwear1416 sexy35375 sitting74289 smiling309214 solo1210721 solo female199449 stupid sexy celestia1825 underwear67968 window10418


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