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and the two last fart pics together on one pieces of paper
suggestive139474 alternate version42835 artist:paper view of butts538 oc665686 oc only438332 oc:skecher haret32 pegasus280150 pony938662 colored19085 cutie mark46538 ear piercing25193 earring20379 fart2142 fart fetish1011 fart noise674 female1335945 fetish38712 football1521 freckles27875 jewelry60667 looking at you163090 mare466170 onomatopoeia3998 piercing39695 plot76951 solo1043517 solo female176805 sound effects2007 sports3447 stars15143 traditional art115863 wings100942


not provided yet


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@Paper View of Butts
I understand. I would art trade with you but I don't think I would finish my pictures in time. But if you still want to do so, feel free to ask. I have done an art trade in the past long ago.
For now, I can assume that your work load is pretty big.