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Update to include A Canterlot Wedding.

Season 1: >>1654878
Season 2: You Are Here
Season 3: >>1640702
Season 4: >>1640703
Season 5: >>1640706
Season 6: >>1648882
Season 7: >>1529347 and >>1574351
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1854640 and >>1868525
Movie: >>1837742
safe (1444580)screencap (177811)apple bloom (44067)applejack (149388)big macintosh (25482)caramel (2239)chancellor puddinghead (340)cheerilee (8900)commander hurricane (388)cup cake (3494)daring do (5736)diamond tiara (9147)discord (26994)donut joe (711)fluttershy (185977)gustave le grande (215)iron will (1254)linky (1229)meadow song (439)mr. zippy (26)mulia mild (115)pinkie pie (190734)rainbow dash (205775)sassaflash (755)scootaloo (46978)shoeshine (1357)silver spoon (5877)smart cookie (233)snails (4936)snips (3765)sweetie belle (44272)tank (2457)twilight sparkle (263396)twist (2675)alicorn (167246)big cat (672)changeling (33193)draconequus (6481)earth pony (153613)falcon (114)griffon (21665)pegasus (193440)pony (712434)tiger (253)unicorn (210010)a canterlot wedding (2210)baby cakes (567)hearth's warming eve (episode) (518)hearts and hooves day (episode) (642)it's about time (636)luna eclipsed (1327)may the best pet win (658)mmmystery on the friendship express (535)putting your hoof down (676)read it and weep (562)season 2 (275)sweet and elite (688)the last roundup (811)the return of harmony (1353)absurd file size (505)absurd gif size (182)angry (20283)animated (85596)bloodshot eyes (995)boop (6259)boop compilation (15)clothes (361419)compilation (497)cutie mark crusaders (16453)disguise (3211)disguised changeling (1836)eye contact (5757)eyes closed (69019)eye shimmer (1054)female (774159)floppy ears (41811)flying (30368)frown (19810)gif (24291)glare (7644)glasses (47668)grin (28457)gritted teeth (9245)helmet (8193)hoof hold (6074)looking at each other (12935)mailpony (372)male (262713)mare (344069)noseboop (2329)nose in the air (861)nose wrinkle (2659)nuzzling (3370)on back (20179)open mouth (105990)personal space invasion (514)scared (8035)scrunchy face (6370)smiling (186135)spread wings (41572)squee (1834)stallion (74816)supercut (65)talking (3565)tree (23025)underhoof (41755)wall of tags (1845)wide eyes (14600)wings (54629)worried (2887)

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Background Pony #58CB
Iron Will gets in the face of Meadow Song in Putting Your Hoof Down not sure if that counts
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