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suggestive148430 artist:ambris1366 rainbow dash238807 pegasus309866 anthro269923 art pack:horsepower gym13 abs11597 armpits43412 belly button81460 breasts289113 busty rainbow dash8465 cleavage35691 clothes476615 female1403611 midriff19867 mouth hold18089 muscles12858 rainbuff dash878 scrunchie384 solo1095648 solo female183818 sports bra3544 sports shorts1188 sweat27699


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Rainbow Dash’s mind: Okay, I can do this, the girls are helping too, the new guy wants to set up a Greenhouse, whatever that is,Princess Twilight and  
her friendship habit is rubbing off us, I mean, Harvest Moon did save us from the Equestrian Virus, Scoots and her friends from danger, put his hoof down and saved earth pony farms from caterpillars and locusts, what else can he do, other than being a Alicorn?  
OMG OMG OMG, he’s looking at me, making me go in heat, now I know why Applejack is really close to him.