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Butt compilation for season 3. I tried to limit the amount of flank shots in order to place more focus on the actual butt.
For those wondering, the animation error is in the scene of Rainbow pushing Fluttershy, as one of her wings is backwards.
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Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256  
Movie: >>1934483
safe1971250 edit156791 edited screencap80288 screencap263547 apple bloom56361 apple bottom35 applejack187776 babs seed6132 diamond tiara11181 fluttershy238136 lightning dust5046 pinkie pie238555 rainbow dash259290 rarity203120 scootaloo55479 shining armor25870 silver spoon7109 spike87289 sweetie belle53442 twilight sparkle332870 dragon72164 earth pony361266 pegasus406427 pony1322921 unicorn446196 apple family reunion1179 one bad apple1540 season 31959 spike at your service1152 the crystal empire3089 wonderbolts academy1472 animated112985 animation error2340 applebutt5645 balloonbutt5442 bedroom eyes72548 bloom butt999 book39306 bump bump sugar lump rump95 buns seed146 butt178853 butt bump841 butt compilation30 butt focus424 butt pushing48 butt shot132 butt to butt1020 butt touch6272 close-up7700 clothes559070 compilation632 cutie mark crusaders20900 diamond buttiara299 dragonbutt395 female1602887 filly84722 flank2062 flutterbutt6780 flying47381 force field712 gif41440 levitation14272 lightning butt81 looking at butt1274 looking back74051 luster dust161 magic86457 male459698 mane six35340 mare618106 plot115048 pushing975 rainbutt dash5245 rearity6072 rope14175 rump push220 running7115 scarf28556 scootabutt703 shieldbutt368 shiny butt86 silverbutt168 snow17274 stallion150046 supercut69 sweetie butt960 sweetie gold139 telekinesis34224 twibutt7408 unicorn twilight26231 zoom in71 zoomed in216


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