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“Well, it looks like the gang’s all here~! I hope you have fun for your playdate, I know Fluttershy certainly is~! Have fun you six, I’ll be back later to check in~!”


And with Pinkie Pie, that’s a wrap for this series~! I’m really happy with myself that I managed to get this finished before the holidays, and just finishing a project of this sheer scale in the amount of time I did. I’ll be moving forward with other works in the near future, so keep an eye out for those~!
Art by 34Qucker
suggestive170658 artist:34qucker14 part of a set17974 applejack186525 fluttershy236077 pinkie pie236907 rainbow dash257410 rarity201461 twilight sparkle330340 human198651 abdl974 arm behind back7457 blushing235283 bondage40385 bonnet483 booties299 breasts336741 busty fluttershy20646 clothes550925 crossed arms6717 diaper15227 diaper bondage256 diaper fetish9794 diaper slave186 embarrassed13411 female1582195 females only14923 fetish48444 floating heart4535 frilly diaper64 frontbend1127 gag17308 gift wrapped884 heart59938 help us596 humanized109102 humiliation2485 knee tied687 legs over head103 looking at you212990 looking up20283 mane six35058 mittens536 mummification437 mummified159 non-baby in diaper10709 nose wrinkle3483 one eye closed39194 onesie967 orgasm15155 pacifier2987 pacifier gag227 part of a series3273 playpen90 poofy diaper5038 restrained1742 shirt31800 sitting on head218 straitjacket934 straps905 sweat32993 sweatdrops1517 t-shirt5631 tape gag1244


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