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Clop for a Cause 4 is here!
Another year and boy has it been a stressful one. Great news is we have some good pony art for you guys. Our team has been working hard to provide you guys with some awesome art. Feeling generous? Throw in a few dollars and you will also help kids in need who can use a brighter Christmas.

What’s in it?
From a team of 53 artists we have created 62 unique pieces of art and 32 picture variants. The theme for this pack is Christmas time and that cold winter season. This pack contains numerous edits that include mares and stallions being filled with that good Christmas spirit, wardrobe changes, and so much more.

What cause?
This entire art pack is non-profit! Every single penny will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation anonymously, just in time for Christmas! Their goal is to give toys to kids and needy families across the nation, and we found this to be a cause worth supporting!

Standard Edition
This version has 53 images, (one image from each artist) at 1500 pixel resolution. Best of all, it’s free!

Price: $0 — Free
The Basic Edition will be available from December 18th — January 15th.
[Click here]

Deluxe Edition
This contains all 94 images: The 62 unique images and 32 edits. Each picture is at a ~2800+ pixel resolution. It also includes a whole bunch of bonuses, such as:

PSD/CLIP/SAI work files!
Full resolution images
Time-lapses of pieces being made
Behind-the-scenes documents
Price: $5.00 + any additional amount you’re willing to donate

The Deluxe Edition will be available from

December 14th — January 15th

[Click Here To Buy]

Additionally, 100% of your payment goes to Toys for Tots anonymously. If you would like to support the artists, consider commissioning them in some way. :)

Important reminder
We will never send you a private message or email asking you to donate. If you get any of these, it is not us.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will enjoy our work!
suggestive126030 artist:aer0 zer0807 artist:an-m696 artist:anontheanon320 artist:anonymousdrawfig73 artist:ashee348 artist:atmosseven262 artist:aywen20 artist:banbanji229 artist:bluemeganium332 artist:blvckmagic158 artist:candel396 artist:chromaskunk247 artist:cinderdmutt7 artist:coatieyay636 artist:cowsrtasty187 artist:daf415 artist:datte-before-dawn397 artist:dimfann947 artist:elijah191 artist:eow75 artist:fenixdust284 artist:frecklesfanatic196 artist:galacticham862 artist:graboiidz219 artist:horseface64 artist:invection49 artist:joey267 artist:kundofox109 artist:lockheart392 artist:loneless-art156 artist:lux123 artist:magic-violet53 artist:marsminer4078 artist:mkogwheel822 artist:monanniverse106 artist:n0nnny546 artist:neighday525 artist:niggerdrawfag185 artist:niggerfaggot462 artist:omegaozone187 artist:omegapex202 artist:pabbley2249 artist:paulpeopless455 artist:replica1752 artist:rhorse130 artist:shinodage1103 artist:starry5643316 artist:storyteller278 artist:sweetfilthyfun297 artist:whatsapokemon1283 artist:wickedsilly1055 artist:yoditax892 amethyst star2243 applejack157121 aunt orange346 berry punch6057 berryshine6048 blossomforth1336 bon bon15464 braeburn6082 caramel2334 cinder glow618 cloudchaser3680 cloudy quartz1192 coco pommel5411 cup cake3710 discord28422 dj pon-327888 double diamond1545 flitter2894 fluttershy195645 gallus5622 inky rose442 lightning dust4173 lily1755 lily valley1755 limestone pie4661 lord tirek4643 marble pie6042 minty bubblegum92 minuette5310 moondancer4307 night glider1233 nurse redheart3242 octavia melody22051 pinkie pie201247 princess celestia88956 princess luna93057 queen chrysalis31876 rainbow dash217036 rainy day56 rarity167793 roseluck4615 skellinore146 smolder6404 soarin'13250 somnambula1627 sparkler2093 starlight glimmer42909 stellar flare961 sugar belle2619 summer flare618 sunburst5664 sunset shimmer56025 sweetie drops15464 thorax3943 trixie61075 twilight sparkle279145 vapor trail881 vinyl scratch31983 alicorn190676 changeling38978 dragon46505 earth pony190097 griffon24392 kirin6442 pegasus232067 pony825326 unicorn256696 art pack:clop for a cause 494 the break up breakdown568 advertisement7487 art pack1161 art pack cover116 clop for a cause 479 dragoness6473 faic11211 female877982 long tongue1777 male298681 mare403572 tongue out88431 wall of tags2232


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Background Pony #147A
Totally going to pick up deluxe when i'm home from work. I forgot about this and almost missed it this year.
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Contains GPE propaganda
Kind of a tradition of mine to purchase the deluxe version of this every year.
Others benefit from my purchase, and if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to find something in here to fill you with "cheer", seek medical assistance before you start turning green. xP
Or you just stumbled into the wrong fandom, less spiked eggnog perhaps?
Background Pony #3239
sorry for the inconvenience but could pass another download link to download the pck? either by MEGA or by MEDIAFIRE? please
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Thank you Pabbles for being apparently the only one who did Fleety~

Really nice pack, I think my favourite piece was Fenix Dust's Roseluck which was a well deserved cover for this year's pack.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

I know, I just wanted to make a joke and now I realized how stupid it was.

But yeah, it is strange they didn't ask you for contribution as you are more recognizable artist than most of them.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

Yeah, that animation is hilarious, also that Skellinore pic.

Free version of pack has really high quality arts, it convinced me to buy deluxe version.
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I think this is the best way to go about donations. I'll gladly pinch in for a good cause; gives me a good excuse to compare the standard and deluxe editions :p Besides, they're great every year so hell yeah!
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