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safe1575591 artist:bobthedalek877 starlight glimmer43885 stellar flare992 sunburst5822 pony845781 unicorn266231 absurd resolution63959 boop6854 boots19172 clothes409116 cross-popping veins1335 facehoof1647 female899372 implied starburst124 male305505 mare415511 messy mane7044 mother and son2597 mothers gonna mother106 saddle bag5199 scarf21119 self-boop371 shipper flare15 shipper on deck1403 shipping184071 shoes30319 simple background345693 socks (coat marking)1775 stallion92689 starburst1022 starlight is not amused260 straight121668 subtle as a train wreck218 sunburst is not amused66 that pony sure does want grandfoals45 trio7296 unamused13728 white background87124


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I'm now gonna imagine that's the first line she says every time she encounters Sunburst and Starlight. Like even if she just goes into the other room, she's gonna come back demanding babies.
Sky Blazer

Because it's not part of their plan, Stellar. XD


It has since been tagged with 'shipper flare', 'shipper on deck', 'shipping' and 'starburst', but whether or not they weren't there before it doesn't mean you get to decide that it's not a situation where Sun and Star are more than friends.
Background Pony #50E2
I keep wondering why they keep coming back if that’s her response to them everytime.
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Needs more Starburst
: "Go visit my mum he said, it can't be that bad he said".
: Look I'm sorry alright, I just didn't expect mum to ask that question before we even trotted in.
: Fine, let's go and see my dad. At least it can't get worse.
: I've got a bad feeling about this…
: Why must you say that!?


: Hey sugar plum! Just wondering why are you wearing that large saddlebag?
: What? It's just a saddlebag, dad!
: It seems that you are hiding something.
: No I'm not!
: Now hun bun, you don't have to be ashamed to show me that you are developing a foal bump.
: DAD!!!
: Why must every holiday be like this…
: WELL, if you two gave us some grandfoals then maybe it wouldn't be like this!
: MUM!!!
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Wouldn't mind Stellar Flare and Firelight showing up in an episode of s9 and something like this was brought up to annoy Starlight and Sunburst. The only reason I could think of why it wasn't even used as a joke in the episode they first appeared in is because its borderline adult humor.
Background Pony #3F38
They already have kids, they just don't want to bring them to her house because of some reasons that you guys might know.
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rubber Ball
If I don't see a tag saying that this is shipping or that these two are shipped then I don't qualify it as them as a couple I see this as sunbursts Mom just being desperate to be a grandmother and that Sunburst and starlight in this pic have no romantic interest in each other sorry
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
Artist -

rubber Ball
If I don't see a starburst or Starlight X sunburst tag then they're just friends

And his mom is just desperate to be a grandma and would want Sunburst to have kids with anymore he's stands next to Starlight is just happens to be the one Sunburst and Stellar are familiar with the most