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This is Stellaverse! I was bored so I made this!
Starlight glimmer x Double Diamond – Married and have two childrenVapor Trail x Sky Stinger – Married have one child
Spitfire x Braeburn – Married have three children
Derpy x Doctor whooves – Married and have one child

Twilight x Star Tracker – Married and have Two Children
Rainbow dash x Quibble Pants – Married and have one child
Pinkie Pie x Soarin – Married and have three children one on the wayApplejack x Thunderlane – Married and have one child and one on the wayRarity x Flash Sentry – Married and have two children
Fluttershy x Troubleshoes – Married and have one child but one on the way
Bases by SelenaEde 
safe (1448404)artist:xxwerecatdipperxx (23)applejack (149710)braeburn (5715)derpy hooves (46192)doctor whooves (9619)double diamond (1480)flash sentry (11076)fluttershy (186338)pinkie pie (191149)quibble pants (1370)rainbow dash (206141)rarity (159543)sky stinger (403)soarin' (12653)spitfire (12150)starlight glimmer (38914)star tracker (297)thunderlane (3530)time turner (9606)trouble shoes (914)twilight sparkle (263869)vapor trail (770)alicorn (168075)doctorderpy (1352)female (777487)glimmerdiamond (23)male (263936)quibbledash (269)sentrity (70)shipping (167060)soarinpie (48)spitburn (172)straight (111081)thunderjack (15)troubleshy (9)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104248)twitracker (77)vaporsky (134)


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Background Pony #4378
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.
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