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safe1945171 screencap257167 sci-twi28484 sunset shimmer71537 timber spruce2069 twilight sparkle329987 equestria girls230708 equestria girls series38305 unsolved selfie mysteries396 animated111574 beach shorts swimsuit317 belly button93990 bikini22021 clothes549259 embarrassed13380 frown28003 geode of empathy3610 geode of shielding2727 geode of sugar bombs2499 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2741 geode of telekinesis3455 gif39180 legs10193 lifeguard timber282 looking at each other26894 looking away4606 magical geodes11054 midriff21375 scared12483 sleeveless6847 sunset shimmer's beach shorts swimsuit230 swimsuit34233 unamused20151


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Background Pony #F96D
@Background Pony #743E  
I’m not exaggerating, Timber just from the start was an irresponsible fool, that shouldn’t be given responsibility for the safety or lives of others.
Yes he didn’t know at the beginning Gloriosa would become go more and deranged from the geodes, but Timber did see his sister’s magic affecting the camp, and her mental state degrading. And he attempted to cover up to her to the very end, until she transformed. He is part responsible for all the danger the campers were put in. And he could steal his sisters pendant, when she slept, if he cared so much for her, but he is an idiot, and didn’t even think of it, or the consequences.
(We are really supposed to think Timber is a smart guy? As he behaves all time like an irresponsible idiot).
And him covering up for Twilight was an important factor why she got more, and more terrified, and traumatized. And how supposedly he is close to Twilight, and with her all the time, he didn’t really notice her mental state, except for a small moment and immediately forget about it.
And even if Timber is 17-18 (which seems like something the creators pulled out of their as*es, after noticing what they done), he still abused his position, and it looks bad just with all else I mentioned.
And the fact he is such horny teen, he doesn’t even think he is behaving unprofessionally, or even unethically, is supposed to make him sympathetic?
So what if I dislike Timber - I just noticed quicker than others he is a horrible character. And what did Twilight do to be with such a fool who actually is harm to her – he first caused her to be more traumatized, and now he used her as a human shield. He is a horrible boyfriend. But at least here, Twilight is depicted as angry at his behavior, which gives me some hope Hasbro or someone notices how a bad character Timber is, and how horrible this romance is.
And you other noticed similar facts as me under this pic, including a person who ships (human) Twilight and Flash.
Background Pony #8A8C
@Background Pony #8BFB  
You are really exaggerating what happened, to make Timber look as bad as it’s possible.
Yes, Timber dis start to flirst with Twilight very quickly, despite being a camp counselor but it was revealed he us 17-18 - give the boy a break, he is also just a teen.
And he didn’t know Gloriosa would go all out crazy, or that his actions were harming Twilight.
You really hate him do you? And probably because he is a straight love interest…
Background Pony #F96D
@Background Pony #743E  
I agree here with Kcartoons – there isn’t that much to be upset about writers “damaging” Timber’s characterization with this joke, as it’s fully accurate with Timber’s previous characterization from Legend of Everfree.
I mean he was unprofessional, seeing he visibly and without second thought started to flirt with Twilight, and started a relationship with her. Despite him being the camp counselor responsible for her, so he was abusing his power/position.
He also endangered all of the campers he was responsible for, by him covering for his sister. And him covering up for Gloriosa, caused her to be corrupted (and lose herself forever), be very close to killing all of the campers. And it actually caused much trauma to Twilight, and made her mental state worse, and worse, till Midnight almost took over.
Background Pony #8A8C
That’s your opinion.
I would question though how accurate is an opinion of a person, who thinks “I’m right cuz your comment is stupid” is a valid argument.
But to humor you,and answer your “argument” - no I’m jot making a whine out of nothing.
Timber is a character in dire need of more development - I mean his only interractions are with Twilight and barely with his sister. Even Flash had interractions with much more people by Rainbow Rocks.
And what the writers give us? A joke, and one that frames Timber in a surprisingly unsympathetic light. I mean, the dude used his own girlfriend as a shield, so Twilight would get harmed by the monster, instead of him.
They could have Timber scream like a girls, lose balance from fear, or faint, but chose to have him use Twilight as a human shield.
That really shows him as a great person and boyfriend, doesn’t it?
And it’s magnified by the fact he’s a lifeguard, making him look even worse.
Was the joke really worth it?
I mean, you could use almost the same logic to defend the Wonderbolts jackass behavior, but that it was needed to teach the audience an Aesop.
Not to mention, it already caused at least some people to dislike Timber.
But being realistic about this, I don’t expect a reall response from you, only more of essentialy insults, so I’m ending our conversation on this note.
Background Pony #8A8C
Jokes are also subject to criticism.
But aparently, that’s something you’re unable to comprehend.
And that is just sad.
Background Pony #8A8C
Just saying it’s your opinion, doesn’t protect you from from how dumb said opinion is.
Really, what to add to that? You just really humiliated yourself, by not being able to write any response, other than essentially “I’m right cuz your comment is stupid”.
Background Pony #1CC9
Well, I would like Sci-Twi to be interested in Flash, but I don’t want to see anything forced. I also don’t attack the TimberTwi fans. No offense, but the majority who like this couple (Timberlight) are kids, or people who really like to annoy. If a fan of SciTwi/Flash is not bothering anyone and is interacting on his/her own space (be it DA, YouTube) I find it very unwise to go and FASTIDATE just for the sake of it. It also happens a lot with the Sunlight fans. They always come out with “Waifu stealer”, it got boring after two or three times.
And my complaints about TimberTwi are well founded. Their relationship isn’t going anywhere, BUT the short (this) all was funny. I don’t like them as a couple, but Timber plays a role of GIVING fun. That is the point. It’s not that the two of them are going to break their “relation”, but I do see that they’ll not get very far. We are also not sure if they are officially couple (no talking about canon, I mean about inside story), Sci-Twi did not call “date” to their “hangout” in “Star Crossed”.
Since LoE came out I thought Timber looks better for a comic role. Here is demonstrated why. It has no chemistry with Sci-Twi, but that does not make it bad in all aspects by automatic. A character that has defects (like a person) is not bad, what makes it bad is how the writer presents it (being LoE all the bad that they can use Timber).
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Don't test my slam jam
While I like they’re trying to develop Timber more, I can’t help but notice people are jumping on his every action and picking it apart to cast him in the most negative light possible.
Pretty much this.
Background Pony #95CD
Yeah, I think the problem with MacBelle (SugarMac sounds better in my opinion) isn’t so much the ship itself but the insinuation from the episode that Sugar Belle was his only crush. I myself am also pretty neutral in that I’m not actively shipping it but I’m fine with it.
@Lord Seraph  
Cuz the ones that are definitely are. Why do you think Flash doesn’t get as much hate as he used? Because they dropped the much despised forced generic boyfriend role (which even back then I didn’t think was nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Even more so once Timber showed up), gave him a nice subplot to sort of wrap that up, kept some of the things that made him likeable, and the few ships that he does have are handled a lot better (even if they don’t go through with getting him back with Sunset, I do wish they’d one day show how their past relationship). Oh and one other thing. He doesn’t his freaking mouth.