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Commission by the writer of this ongoing story (Currently it's build up, but the writing is really solid)
suggestive132527 artist:annon2171 applejack162500 fili-second796 fluttershy202885 masked matter-horn787 mistress marevelous699 pinkie pie207355 radiance773 rainbow dash223939 rarity173666 saddle rager799 twilight sparkle288147 zapp763 human146415 abs9869 absolute cleavage2992 abstract background12653 amazonjack42 applebucking thighs2034 bedroom eyes54749 belly button71098 belt4927 big breasts73672 big hair371 big lips623 bimbo4226 bimbo 2.0314 bimbo dash156 bimbo jack188 bimbo pie167 bimbo rarity147 bimbo sparkle412 bimboshy203 blue eyes4334 boots19767 breast hold945 breasts253930 busty applejack9529 busty fluttershy15850 busty mane six187 busty pinkie pie10026 busty rainbow dash7520 busty rarity11663 busty twilight sparkle11111 choker10265 cleavage32215 clothes425509 ear piercing23118 erect nipples9298 eyeshadow14038 fanfic10242 fanfic art13424 fanfic cover1187 female1285197 garters2603 gloves18207 goggles13365 green eyes3728 high heel boots4990 high heels10028 huge breasts34428 humanized96389 hyper9202 hyper breasts4124 impossibly large breasts15474 impossibly wide hips2143 lasso1216 lipstick10092 long gloves4971 long hair3741 long nails447 looking at you152385 maebari264 makeup19113 mane six30358 mask5864 multicolored hair4792 nail polish7161 nipple outline6641 orange lipstick50 piercing36917 pink hair960 pink lipstick216 power ponies2612 purple eyes1931 purple lipstick275 rainbow hair2066 rainbow lipstick41 rope10639 shoes32184 superhero1580 thunder thighs7232 white lipstick35 wide hips14524 yellow lipstick71


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Mal Hearts

A friend of mine who collects and sells comics stated that on the cover of a She-Hulk comic, she was basically naked with a jump rope being used as a censor.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Since we know what the Power Ponies are supposed to look like from an annual comic, these can be redone to reflect that, which would mostly just entail recoloring.