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Commission by the writer of this ongoing story (Currently it's build up, but the writing is really solid)
suggestive141097 artist:annon2240 applejack168642 fili-second831 fluttershy211111 masked matter-horn822 mistress marevelous730 pinkie pie214805 radiance806 rainbow dash232312 rarity180510 saddle rager828 twilight sparkle298659 zapp807 human153170 abs10970 absolute cleavage3419 abstract background14335 amazonjack42 applebucking thighs2105 bedroom eyes58699 belly button76660 belt5380 big breasts80734 big hair404 big lips691 bimbo4472 bimbo 2.0318 bimbo dash180 bimbo jack200 bimbo pie198 bimbo rarity155 bimbo sparkle440 bimboshy228 blue eyes4931 boots21454 breast hold985 breasts274061 busty applejack10342 busty fluttershy16971 busty mane six206 busty pinkie pie10738 busty rainbow dash8075 busty rarity12663 busty twilight sparkle11875 choker11757 cleavage34213 clothes454045 ear piercing25730 erect nipples10479 eyeshadow15309 fanfic10371 fanfic art14224 fanfic cover1248 female1349292 garters2757 gloves19695 goggles13955 green eyes4126 high heel boots5369 high heels10985 huge breasts37776 humanized99337 hyper10173 hyper breasts4581 impossibly large breasts16586 impossibly wide hips2220 lasso1250 lipstick10977 long gloves5628 long hair4148 long nails485 looking at you165840 maebari279 makeup21017 mane six31706 mask6616 multicolored hair5432 nail polish7621 nipple outline7367 orange lipstick60 piercing40386 pink hair1233 pink lipstick241 power ponies2712 purple eyes2251 purple lipstick304 rainbow hair2364 rainbow lipstick42 rope11337 shoes35721 superhero1638 thunder thighs8195 white lipstick40 wide hips16803 yellow lipstick72


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Mal Hearts

A friend of mine who collects and sells comics stated that on the cover of a She-Hulk comic, she was basically naked with a jump rope being used as a censor.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Since we know what the Power Ponies are supposed to look like from an annual comic, these can be redone to reflect that, which would mostly just entail recoloring.